Custom Ceremony!

Having trouble customizing your Wedding Ceremony?

Here's some tips! x

The Program - photos from your engagement shoot, a hand-drawn map illustrating your adventures together—anything that sets the tone for the wedding ahead.

The Drink - Start the celebration as soon as guests arrive by hosting an hour-long cocktail party before the ceremony.

The Favors - Gift your guests with boutonnieres (for the men) and fresh-flower hair clips (for the women). Arrange them on trays near the beginning of the wedding aisle.

The Snacks - Give your guests a light bite as they're waiting. This is a time to serve a favourite dish or give a preview of what's to come

The Pre-Wedding Activities - If you're marrying at a cool location like a museum, zoo, or scenic mountaintop, give your guests the option of taking a fun behind-the-scenes tour before your I do's.

The Thank You - Make guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive by writing them personal notes and leaving them at the ceremony entrance.

The Ring Bearer - Have your adorable ring bearer carry your bands on something unique, like a personalized pillow or a memento box.

The Flower Girl - The little ones are special to you so give them props to make their role even more fun. We'll always love a fancy tulle skirt, but we're super into the idea of a cat-shaped purse if you're fellow cat ladies.

The Bouquets - Have your girls carry your favourite flower or one that's special to you. For instance, if your late grandmother's name is Rose, it would be sweet to carry a bouquet of roses in her honour.

The Love Notes - Before the wedding, write a letter to your fiancé—and they should do the same for you. During the ceremony, put the notes and a bottle of wine in a box and take turns hammering it shut. Open it on your 10th anniversary!

The Processional - Meaningful processional music is a must; did you grow up in New Jersey? Head to the altar to Springsteen's "Jersey Girl."

The Walk - Buck tradition and walk down the aisle with your guy. It's a poignant way to kick off your new life together.

The Runner/Banner - Put a calligraphic one behind the altar—or even on the ground for your walk down the aisle. This is great place to showcase words that are meaningful to you, whether they're your vows, lyrics from a favourite song, or a verse from a ceremony reading.

The Ceremony Structure - Seat guests in a circle around the altar. You'll feel surrounded by love.

The Vows - You can make these what you want them to be, but we love the idea of reciting passages you've written to each other or exchanging promises in unison. But no matter your delivery, make sure you're on the same page to ensure they're the same length and equal parts romantic and funny.

The Games - Want to write your own vows but don't know where to start? Fill in the blanks and get inspired! And if that's not an idea for you, no worries. You can always make a game of it by including your guests in on the fun at cocktail hour.

The Readings (or Not!) - Forgo readings and ask a few people to stand up and share their marriage wisdom (but tell them to keep the speeches short).

The Vows (Pt. II) - Don't wait until the reception for your first dance. Ending your vows cheek to cheek can be really sweet.

The Exit - Nix the tossed rice and have guest’s wave ribbon wands or sparklers as you exit the ceremony. Or place party-store tambourines, kazoos, and other noisemakers on seats so guests can jam while you walk out.