Acrylic Backing - Print sample pack- Choose your ultimate colour palate!

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Common question- Do we have this colour in acrylic?
Answer- We have thousands of colours we can print and lay over the acrylic!

How amazing would it be having colours that not many others have!

Acrylic doesn’t come in nice colours apart from black,white and clear- but we can print the colour and lay it over black/white satin acrylic (elegant background) and OMG, Soooo classy!

We now have sample packs available - now you can take the time to colour match! 

In this pack 

4 x Colour samples (if you say "forest green" we will give you 5 close options) 

Text Vinyl sample - Gold, silver, black or white (ask about other colours, this is only for a strip of our stock vinyl) 

Small acrylic sample White, black or clear - This is what you see behind your sign! (not on the main front) 

Choose - Gloss or Matte Laminate 

10-14 working days. 

This is our professional decision for the colour palate. You can choose 1 of the 4 we supply. If you require more colours - email us 

Free sample pack for all custom orders over $600 or wedding planning clients with Claire.